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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hi all! Reading blogs, huh? Wanna read somethin' interesting??? Well, you are in the right place...

In this post, I will be sharing the story of Learnovate LLC. with you all. You all would be wondering how was all this even started? Well, let's check it out...

I (Siddhant Choudhary) just sat on my chair surfing the internet, and then my mom came shouting at me, "Siddhant, start your studies!!! There is a lot of work assigned today! Start studying ASAP."

I was like

Studies? Again? I had totally forgotten that it was Monday already! I was busy playing on my computer. Then my mom sat beside me and told me to quickly open the 'Consolidated Sheet' that was given for the month of April. I opened it from TopSchool and wondered about the video links sent from the Soft- Skills Department. There were 2 links, I had already seen the first one, so I opened the second link. The second video was about 'Time Management and things to kick- off boredom during lockdown.' And I seriously needed both of these at that time moment. I am a kind of a person who is damn 'noob' when it comes to Time Management. And of course, I was getting bored during the lockdown time, like many of my fellow mates.

I then started watching the video it really turned out to be interesting for me. Then came the main part, the teacher who made the video said- "Students of higher- classes can design websites as a pass time to kill boredom during the lockdown." That's when I got an idea. I thought- "Creating a website's a good idea, but on what topic?"

I started thinking about the answer to this questing for about an hour, again leaving studies aside. Finally, I came up with an idea. Why can't we make a website where everyone can join, solve doubts mutually and the website may also be a place where students can attend live- lectures.

I quickly contacted my friends who could help me with this idea, Manas and Akshat. We three had a video chat on Hangouts for about an hour, and we three finally came up with the final structure of what we need to do. We decided to do video conferencing every day on Google Meet. We all registered some free domains to get started with. We all collaborated very well to make this community a success. Seriously saying, we three spent 1.5 hours a day on video conferencing to build this website. Overall, it was a great journey to develop this website. We learnt to respect each other's ideas and compiling them to get a great 'Collaborative Result'.

Initially, we started developing the home and about page and then thought about interesting activities to build a student's interest in studies. So, we came up with two main activities- Answer That Question and Schedule A Session. After developing these two activities, we started developing other features like the BLOG feature, through which students can express their ideas and creativity. Later, we developed inbuilt features for our website- TopSchool Web, Class Tests, and MEMBERS. We embedded the TopSchool Web feature to our website so that the students can access everything in one place. The Class Tests feature allows students to attend online class tests and the teachers can keep a watch on the students via the webcam on the student's device. The MEMBERS page allows the students to Follow, See Posts, Chat and Ask Doubts to their friends. Then, we started working on the online portal for Learnovate, where the students can select their class and check for any upcoming meetings. After this great success for us, we started working on the security of this website, because network security is a very important thing for any website or community. We wanted to make our users secure. Then, we started working on the database feature and spent almost 5 days on it!!! Finally, we added the login/ signup feature to our website. Any unauthorized access to the website gets tracked by Google Analytics on our website. Users may get Auto- Blocked by the servers if they perform any activity which is against our Terms and Conditions. Thus, we leave every user end- to- end secure on our website.

Finally, we completed our project...

HUSH!!! What a great relief!

I hope you all liked our journey and this blog post.

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Siddhant Choudhary

Creator - Learnovate LLC.

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