Artificial Intelligence-Friend or Foe

Hey Guys! In this article, I mean I have weighed whether AI will help us or destroy us and also what to do in the latter situation. I will post at least one article per week, with 6 normal posts on other dates. Anyway's so that was the announcement, now enjoy the article!

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a great leap in the field of science, medical and computers. But rather than being a leap many people wonder if it is a leap of faith. We can’t possibly predict the outcome of AI, whether it will help human life in a great way or will it be just another shitty venture that will take a herculean task to clear up. Let me just explain what we are doing her, we are giving machines the ability to think and learn on its own. As humans, we should know that at some point they are going to overthrow us, at last we humans have given birth to AI so it is bound to do things like humans. And the major principle in the whole history of human life is survival of the fittest. We have annihilated anything that comes in our way to be on the top of the ecosystem. So, why wouldn’t AI do the same? Why wouldn’t they destroy the human race and become the most advanced race on Earth. Let’s face the facts and figures here, they are smarter, stronger and more efficient then us. Hell, it wont’t even get tired. If this AI reaches the point of Artificial Super Intelligence and gets better than us at even creative thinking, then we are doomed!

But looking at this from an optimistic point of view, Artificial Emotional Intelligence can help counsel children, as children will be more open to them than to normal humans. AI can help us in complex calculations and assess terrorism with a different perspective. AI is both good and bad, but this is not what my article proposes. My article proposes that like everything, AI should have a fail-safe, a back door of sorts, wherein if anything goes wrong, we can shut them down or strip them of their powers. We can always start from ground zero afterwards, analyze and assess what we did wrong before and not making the same mistakes again.

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