We have many activities in our arsenal. These include a doubt forum, a chat feature to make groups and discuss doubts, a Student Blog to show your writing skills, a school news section for regular updates and also all the online resources you need standard-wise are brought together in one place by Learnovate.

Personalised Learning

Do you have a question that you want to ask the teacher without letting the whole school know?  You can d this with the chat feature in Learnovate. You can see the chat button on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Just click on that and ask your question, we will surely answer in a couple of days. All you need to do is tell us your name, class and mail ID, and don't worry, we will forward your doubt to the responsible teacher.

Student BLOG

Practice your writing skills and tell your story with Learnovate's awesome, blog feature.

Email Notifications

Follow your friends or teachers to recieve email notifications each time they comment on a blog post, or even write a blog post. You can even press the bell icon next to a doubt in the doubt forum to receive an email notification each time someone answers that question.

Answer that question

Have a question? Any question that you have we will be able to answer! Just post the question on our chat room and we will answer it within a day or so. This question can be either in-syllabus or even out of syllabus. We are here to help feed your curiosity. You can even ask questions like - "Is time-travel possible?" or even "How was the universe created?" Just be sure to put you class so that we know what class you are from before answering your question.

Online Resources

All the resources and websites you need have been brought together class-wise. Just go to the Classes section by clicking on the button below and click on whichever class you are in to access all the resources required by your class.

Social Media

Want to see what your friends are up to? You can do that with Learnovate's Members feature. You can follow or unfollow people and even see what they are doing and read about them. You can even chat with them by clicking gon the chat icon next to their name!

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