About Us

We wanted to help the students and the school, both of whom where having trouble managing online resources, were having issues in connecting with each other or had doubts which could be solved by other students.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help students. We help to answer their questions regarding any subject in the school and also with some questions that they have out of the school syllabus. We have come up with chat rooms, doubt forums and other features to help them with this.

Extended Learning in Math, Science, English and SST

We not only provide answers to your questions that are in your syllabus. But we also provide food to your curiosity by answering out of the syllabus questions like "Is time travel possible?" or "How was the universe created?"

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Created by:

Siddhant Choudhary (siddhant.choudhary@blognatto.com)

Akshat Kakade (akshat.kakade@gmail.com)

Manas Gupta (manasgupta156@gmail.com)

(Students of 9th Courage)

Initiated by City Pride School


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