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Studying is hard, but what if you have people who can help you?

We saw many people in our class who need help. So, we decided to help them. On this website, we have doubt-solving forums, where you can ask questions. We also have brought together all the features used in online learning and the resources we need to study.

The language of the universe, it is an easy subject if you know the basics. We have team members that are really sciencey and can help you with any topic related to science.


The international language. English is a must-know to get a job in this generation. Be it to communicate with others or to access the huge vocabulary of words in this language, you surely need to learn this one!

History, Civics and Geography. All of 'em help us learn more about this world we live in. Any question you have on these subjects, we can answer. 

The language of numbers, all of us know and hate(except some). But what if we can help you love it, you think that's not possible, well give us a chance. That may be the only thing we need to prove you wrong!

And Many More Interesting Subjects!!

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Akshat Kakade (akshat.kakade@gmail.com)

Manas Gupta (manasgupta156@gmail.com)

(Students of 9th Courage)

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